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How We Do it

Sterling Structural makes mass timber accessible. We’re committed to bringing its benefits to the wider AEC community to support building projects both large and small.

Standardized approach

We offer a simplified, repeatable, and standardized approach to design, manufacturing and delivery that streamlines the process and eliminates unnecessary redundancy.

Speed and capacity

As the world’s largest CLT manufacturer, we have the high-speed manufacturing and large production capacity to provide CLT floor and roof systems as an affordable option.

Logistics experience

Having served industrial markets for over a decade, Sterling’s robust logistics team is experienced in the scaled delivery of CLT, so project teams can feel confident investing in CLT solutions.


Made from renewable resources in the United States, our CLT minimizes greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional construction while supporting domestic woodland and manufacturing economies. Sterling was one of the first manufacturers of CLT in North America and now has the largest capacity in the world, producing a panel every 65 seconds on our state-of-the-art, highly automated production line.

TerraLam CLT provides:

- Natural appeal and biophilic beauty
- Carbon sequestration capacity 
- Low-impact sourcing, manufacturing, and offsite fabrication
- Exceptional strength and versatility
- Stable pricing and logistics compared to other commodity building materials

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