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Product Overview

Sterling streamlines the process for designing and installing floors and ceilings with standardized, scaleable CLT. Our 3-, 5-, and 7-ply lay up TerraLam CLT panels come in lengths up to 18’ and widths up to 8’ and are fabricated to suit your project. Sterling’s TerraLam CLT panels are certified to PRG-320 by ICC-ES and listed under ESR-5053.

TerraLam CLT panels are manufactured in Phoenix, Illinois and Lufkin, Texas with #2 Southern Yellow Pine laminations in the major and minor directions. This fast-growing, sustainable species reaches maturity in approximately 20 years.

Primary Applications

Sterling’s TerraLam CLT product line is an ideal floor and roof solution for repeatable, fixed-design buildings and compatible with a range of structural materials.

Hospitality and Lodging
Multi-family Residential
Student Housing

Mechanical Properties

Tables are calculated in accordance with the Shear Analogy Method as defined by PRG-320-2019. Please refer to ICC-ES ESR-5053 for technical specifications or Contact Sterling Structural for further information.

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Sterling’s experienced team of experts can help you gain all the benefits of building with mass timber, sustainably and affordably. Tell us about your needs and goals, and we’ll find the best solutions for your project.

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