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Product Overview

Sterling streamlines the process for designing and installing mass timber systems with standardized, scalable CLT components. Our 3-, 5-, and 7-ply TerraLam® CLT panels come in nominal lengths up to 18’ and widths up to 8’ and are pre-fabricated to suit your project. Sterling’s TerraLam CLT panels are certified to PRG 320 by ICC-ES and listed under ESR-5053. 

TerraLam CLT panels are manufactured in Phoenix, Illinois, and Lufkin, Texas with #2 or better southern yellow pine laminations in the major and minor directions. This fast-growing, sustainable species reaches maturity in approximately 20-25 years and is sourced from responsibly managed pine plantations in the southeast United States. 

TerraLam panels carry a Red List Free Declare® label through the International Living Future Institute, and our Environmental Product Declaration (Coming Nov 2022) will be available for life cycle assessment and carbon-optimized projects. Read more about our commitment to material health and sustainability here 

Standard, Repeatable Delivery

Sterling’s TerraLam CLT product line is an ideal floor, roof, and wall solution for repeatable, scalable building types and is compatible with a range of structural materials. Sterling streamlines the design, fabrication, and installation process for structural CLT by utilizing a standard-format approach.

Designing the majority of spans to our standard base sizes allows Sterling to deliver the most cost-effective system. This approach focuses on balancing standard and custom building blocks, making fabrication faster, logistics easier, and allowing CLT to compete with commodity building materials. We pre-fabricate the required panels to custom sizes, shapes, and openings using in-house CNC capability to suit your project’s design intent and engineering requirements.

Cross Laminated Timber

Mechanical Properties

Tables are calculated in accordance with the Shear Analogy Method as defined by PRG-320-2019. Please refer to ICC-ES ESR-5053 for technical specifications or Contact Sterling Structural for further information.

Finishings and Complementary Products

Sterling offers an architectural appearance finish, factory-applied self-adhering air and water barriers, or additional layers of protective clear sealant to meet project specifications.

We are proud to partner with like-minded product manufacturers like VaproShield to provide added protection and streamline on-site delivery at a competitive price.

In addition to various finishes, we have partnered with industry-leading connector and fastener manufacturers to offer recommendations for a multitude of projects.

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Sterling’s experienced team of experts can help you gain all the benefits of building with mass timber, sustainably and affordably. Tell us about your needs and goals, and we’ll find the best solutions for your project.

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