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The world’s largest CLT producer, Sterling Structural attains PRG 320 Certification for its TerraLam® CLT

Sterling’s TerraLam® CLT attains PRG 320 Certification

The world’s largest CLT producer, Sterling now stands ready to bolster structural CLT supply chain by up to 700,000 cubic meters annually

PHOENIX, ILL. (AUG. 9, 2022) – Sterling Structural, a division of Sterling Site Access Solutions, LLC, today announced its cross-laminated timber (CLT) product line, sold under the TerraLam® trade name, has been certified to the PRG 320 – 2019 (PRG 320) performance standard by the International Code Council – Evaluation Service (ICC-ES).

PRG 320 certification is referenced in the International Building Code (IBC) and is required in North America for CLT panels used in structural applications. Sterling, the world’s largest CLT producer, is now poised to supply TerraLam to the burgeoning mass timber construction market.

With its 700,000 cubic meter annual production capacity, Sterling’s entry into the structural CLT market is welcomed by many in the construction sector who have raised concerns about the ability of CLT producers to keep up with demand. At full capacity, Sterling can supply over 54 million square feet of floors and roofs to the commercial construction industry.

“We’re really pleased to be able to add our weight to the significant role mass timber will play in expanding the accessibility of sustainable construction,” said Sterling CEO, Carter Sterling.

Each cubic meter of wood used in construction represents one ton of sequestered carbon that will be stored away in buildings while trees planted to replace those harvested continue to sequester atmospheric carbon as they grow. Sterling is now ready to contribute an additional 700,000 cubic meters of production to that effort each year, using material grown and manufactured in the U.S.

Since the first U.S. CLT commercial structure was completed in 2015, more than 500 CLT buildings have been built or are underway across the country, according to WoodWorks. CLT’s growing popularity among architects, engineers, builders and developers has led to predictions that construction market demand for CLT will triple by 2027. Sterling’s entry into the market now means supply shortages are unlikely to hinder that growth.

The key to Sterling’s high production capability is its standardized approach. The company offers three base CLT panel sizes up to 8’ x 18’ that allow for efficient use of stock lumber sizes and simplified logistics. This standard-format or modular approach lends itself to scaled applications, such as multi-family, office space and lodging, that accommodate shorter spans and are frequently replicated.

“We think construction markets will appreciate the efficiencies our panels offer at every stage of the process – from design, production and shipping right through to procurement and installation,” said Kevin Hsu, Vice President of Innovation.

Lumber used to make TerraLam is 100% domestically sourced Southern Yellow Pine, America’s most abundant commercial tree species. PRG 320 certification applies to Sterling’s 3-, 5-, and 7-ply panels. Panels can be custom-fabricated or shipped as “billets” for use by offsite fabricators, a growing segment of the mass timber sector.

With PRG 320 certification in hand, the company expects to demonstrate TerraLam’s sustainability attributes and further support design teams with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) to be published later this year.

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About Sterling

Headquartered in Phoenix, IL, Sterling is the world’s largest manufacturer of CLT, having produced more than 750,000 panels for use in industrial matting markets. The company is among the first to make CLT in the U.S. Sterling’s Structural division was established in 2021 to offer an accessible, streamlined and cost-competitive product line to the mass timber construction market. With manufacturing facilities in Phoenix, Ill., and Lufkin, Tex., and annual production capacity of 700,000 cubic meters, Sterling is well-positioned to serve both industrial and structural CLT markets throughout the U.S.

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